How should I prepare for my curly cut?

We want everyone to have the most comfortable experience in my chair, and get the best results. It is an absolute requirement for your hair to be clean, down, dry and fully detangled. No ponytails, braids, clips or buns so your curls aren’t altered. We cut the  hair dry in its natural state, and need to see the true pattern of your curls. If you have been experiencing tough tangles, I recommend you detangle meticulously in small two-inch sections.

If you do not follow these requirements— you will be charged a detangling fee, and we will not be able to fully complete the service.


What can I expect from my curly cut appointment?

Every appointment starts with a consultation to discuss lifestyle, short and long-term goals for your curls. After your custom dry-cut, I will wash your hair and provide an informative styling & drying session where I’ll share product recommendations, tips and techniques for maintaining your curls.

To make sure you don’t miss any important information, I kindly ask that you bring something to take notes or use your phone to write down key points. This will also serve as a helpful reference for you in the future.