How much is a professional balayage


Balayage is a very unique highlighting technique that is quite popular, as it does not only suit pretty much anyone but is also a lot easier to maintain since it does not need to be retouched as often as other types of highlights. 


The technique has been invented in France way back in the 70s, but gained more popularity in the past decade, as more and more Hollywood stars hopped on this trend. As it became very popular, almost all salons started offering this service, but the prices vary widely. Why is that? 


Well, the answer to that question is a bit complex, so let’s start with the basics. 


What are Balayage highlights?


Balayage – which means “to sweep” in French – is basically an art form. As the name suggests, it consists of sweeping color into the hair, but in a very subtle and natural way. The stylist aims to add dimension and life to the hair, by adding strokes of a complementary lighter color and blending those in seamlessly. 


When done well, you should not be able to see any harsh lines between your natural color and the added highlights, like you would with ombre or other types of highlights. The goal here is to create multi-dimensional lived-in color throughout the hair, that will be uniquely different for every client. 


Balayage is an art form


It’s not simply free-style highlighting, since it requires both training and experience to do it properly. Stylists must know about different color-saturation methods as well as particular products and color selection for each customer. 


You will not see two people with the same balayage, because the colorist has to determine which brush to use to dye each piece of hair for your specific style, and they need a deep knowledge of how to apply it to get an absolutely natural effect, which after all, is what people look for in balayage.

Balayage Price Factors


So the first thing to consider here is the level of expertise that you are paying for. Balayage is not a beginner’s technique and someone without the necessary experience will not be able to give you the natural, blended look that you expect to get from this type of highlight.  It also requires a bit more time and effort to do them compared to other types of highlights, which of course also means it will be more expensive. 


Professional salons tend to use high-quality products, as those make it a lot easier to predict the outcome when coloring, while also being a lot gentler on the hair. Those products do come with a higher price tag, but will also ensure that the hair stays soft, healthy, and shiny during the coloring process. 


Your hair length and style


Another thing that will influence the price of your session, is the type and length of your hair, as well as the condition it is currently in. The thicker and longer your hair is, the longer it’ll take the stylist to add the highlights, and they’ll also need to use more of the products, so naturally, the prices for balayage on this type of hair will be higher than for short hair. 


The condition of your hair also plays a major role. It is much easier to do a professional balayage on healthy and unprocessed hair, or on hair that has been highlighted by a professional, than your cheap next-door salon – that is why corrections also tend to cost more than regular sessions. 


Balayage Specialist in Denver


So why do prices for this service vary so much from salon to salon? Because, as it tends to be in life, you usually get what you paid for. If you are willing to spend a couple hundred dollars, you can expect an experienced and professionally trained stylist to lift your hair to new dimensions using high-end products.


If you are looking for professional balayage done in Denver, then The Station Hair Studio is the right place for you. If you are still hesitant because of the price, you can also book a complimentary consultation to get a price before your service! So book your appointment now and see for yourself what difference true expertise makes in all things hair.